• The Bulgarian Development Bank will launch a platform for co-financing of projects from the region

    21 June 2019

    11 development banks from the Balkans and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) will co-operate in joint initiatives. A web-based platform will enable development banks from the region to present their projects in different areas and to seek co-financing for them. This has been suggested by the Bulgarian Development Bank and will allow the institutions to discuss joint activities and to exchange experience and good practices. The initiative was announced by Stoyan Mavrodiev, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of BDB, at a meeting of development banks from the Balkans and CEE.

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    New external green appointments for KBN

    20 June 2019

    KBN wants to help put sustainability on the agenda both in Norway and internationally. We are actively involved in developments in the area thanks to the range of external appointments held by our employees, which include a member of Finance Norway’s Sustainability Group and a member of the Norwegian Climate Foundation’s Council.

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    BNG Bank issues World's first smart N-bond

    17 June 2019

    BNG Bank has issued via the european primary placement facility (EPPF) a straight-through-processing industry utility for bonds and other issuances, the first ever German law registered bond (NSV, commonly called n-bond in English) that has been settled via Clearstream Banking AG on TARGET2-Securities.

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    The ICF Group finances 1,512 companies for an amount of 600 million euros in 2018

    3 June 2019

    Two new credit facilities have been put in place during 2018: ICF Ecoverda, for circular economy, green and energy efficiency projects; and ICF Habitatge Social, for the construction and development of social housing for rental. The ICF has also allocated 15.3 million euros to venture capital funds investing in newly created companies or SMEs undergoing growth in Catalonia.

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    KommuneKredit publishes Green Bond Impact Report 2019

    30 May 2019

    KommuneKredit has publishes the second Green Bond Impact Report on 29 May 2019. CEO Jens Lundager: “It is a pleasure to publish our second Green Bond Impact Report. Our work with green bonds highlights the positive environmental and climate impact achieved through public purpose infrastructure investments financed by KommuneKredit. Moreover, it emphasizes KommuneKredit’s dedication to support the ambitions of Danish municipalities and regions in creating green, social and sustainable welfare for local communities throughout Denmark. Our green bond finance has brought about a 360,000 tonnes annual CO2 reduction. At KommuneKredit, we are proud to support the transition towards a more sustainable future.”

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