• EAPB statement on the role of public banks in the context of the COVID 19 crisis

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  • Coronavirus Response: Commission welcomes ‘Best Practices' to provide relief for consumers and businesses

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  • Public banks are ready to step in and help shield economies from the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak

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  • Public banks take measures to address the economic impact of the Coronavirus epidemic

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Our recommendations

The Covid-19 Crisis has hit the entire European economy with an unprecedented intensity. In the spirit of the current situation, national and regional promotional banks across all Europe have introduced necessary measures to help their respective markets. Its extraordinary speed caused by the unexpected supply and demand shocks requires accordingly quick policy measures. Access our policy recommendations for action on EU level

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Latest position

The EC has withdrawn its initial proposal of May 2018 as a response to the Covid-19 Crisis, and submitted a new proposal on 29 May 2020. Following the new MFF 2021-27 agreement reached by the European Council summit, funding for the InvestEU programme is now set to be cut dramatically to mere EUR 9,142 bn, compared to the May 2020 proposal of EUR 34,424 bn for the entire seven-year period

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