Position papers

  • EAPB and AECM joint statement to the legislative process of the Regulation proposal establishing the InvestEU Programme 2021-27

    Development, State aid 5 December 2018

    With this paper the European Association of Public Banks (EAPB) and the European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM) would like to express their views on the newest developments in the negotiations concerning the regulation proposal for the InvestEU Programme 2021-27.

  • EAPB Comments on the amendments of the European Parliament to the ECON/BUDG Draft Report 2018/0229 on the establishment of the InvestEU Programme

    27 November 2018

    The European Association of Public Banks (EAPB) is presenting this paper commenting on the amendments tabled by Members of European Parliament to the Draft Report to the regulation proposal establishing the InvestEU Programme in the MFF 2021-27. Since some 800 amendments were tabled to the ECON & BUDG Secretariat, the EAPB is offering short, summarizing comments from the perspective of national and regional promotional banks or institutions (NPBIs) foreseen to become the implementing partners of this programme.

  • EAPB Comments on the ECON/BUDG Draft Report 2018/0229 on the establishment of the InvestEU Programme

    Development, State aid 1 November 2018

    The EAPB welcomes the deletion of the Project Team as a key step in making the governance structure more efficient. In addition, we would like to draw the attention of the European Parliament to the confusing composition of the amendments modifying the governance structure. Not only is it unclear what is the envisaged final wording of the Regulation but also readers also entirely miss the actual mission and tasks of the Steering Board and the Advisory Board, as well as the integration of the Risk Management in the overall governance structure.

  • EAPB comments on the Draft Opinion of the ITRE Committee on the Proposal for the InvestEU Programme in MFF 2021-27

    Development, State aid 31 August 2018

    The EAPB represents a numbers of regional and national promotional banks (NPBIs) that are potential implementing partners of the European Union under the InvestEU proposal. The EAPB shares the view of the Draft Opinion that the future role of the EIB Group, as the treaty-based EU bank, should be more clearly defined and that its investment activities should continue, including the successful EIF programmes COSME and Horizon 2020. We
    also believe that the governance structure as proposed by the Draft Opinion ensures a better political balance to the InvestEU management, brings in more banking expertise to the decision-making process, and cuts the high costs of delegating experts for implementing partners.

  • EAPB position on the proposal for the sustainable finance taxonomy regulation

    Capital markets 31 August 2018

    Due to the nature of their business models, public banks have often been among the pioneers of the sustainable finance market. The public promotional banks are frequent and large issuers of green bonds all across Europe and have considerable experience in providing their intelligence to other market players. Against this background, the EAPB welcomes the set of proposals aiming to enhance the role of financial sector in achieving a sustainable economic growth. We believe that the proposals represent an important step towards reaching the climate goals of the Paris Agreement.

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