EAPB member HBOR helps tourism grow

18 May 2017

Tourism is one of the most important branches of the economy in the Republic of Croatia and a driving force for economic growth and job creation in the EU. EAPB member HBOR supports investments in the development of the tourism sector by providing easier access to finance and by offering funding at favourable terms and conditions.

Short-term loans  provide the necessary working capital for the procurement of food, beverages, small inventory as well as regular maintenance costs. Long-term loans are intended for investments in fixed assets – purchase, construction or reconstruction and equipping of facilities.

Final goal is the prolongation of the tourist season, this is achieved by developing higher accommodation capacities, raising the quality of the infrastructure and services as well as of the hotels and tourist companies. Final beneficiaries of loan programmes in tourism are small, medium-sized, and large companies such as Valamar Riviera. HBOR enables companies such as Valamar Riviera to invests and update products, services and facilities in the tourism sector. 

 “Our goal is to intensify investment activities into the portfolio of HRK 1.5 to 2 billion (0.269321) until 2020, and we believe that our exceptionally successful cooperation with HBOR so far will be continued in our future investments,” emphasizes the Management Board of Valamar Riviera.

You can learn more about HBOR and their work here: https://www.hbor.hr/en/