One of the most significant, and perhaps most misunderstood risk that the financial sector faces today relates to climate change. While it is widely recognized that continued emission of greenhouse gases will cause further warming of the planet and this warming could lead to damaging economic and social consequences, the exact timing and severity of physical effects are difficult to estimate. The large-scale and long-term nature of the problem makes it uniquely challenging, especially for mostly short-term orientated financial institutions. In Europe, Green and sustainable financing has become the central project of the European Capital Markets Union. The European financial sector is expected to channel capital flows more intensively into ecological and social investments and to strengthen long-term thinking.

With public banks having a public mandate to act as “pioneers” or “gate-openers” in the area of sustainable finance we are particularly keen to share some of our thoughts and foster discussion on this important topic.

In this context, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Masamichi Kono, Deputy Secretary General, OECD, and Member of the Financial Stability Board has accepted our invitation as a key note speaker.

We kindly invite you to register for the event under the following link:

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