Position papers

  • EAPB Position paper on taxonomy and EU GBS

    Capital markets, Sustainable finance 22 September 2023

    EAPB members support the aim of the EU Taxonomy Regulation (“EU Taxonomy”) and EU Green Bond Standard (“EU GBS”), which is to direct more capital towards sustainable economic activities. Due to their specific business model, European promotional and public banks are well positioned to play a key role in a fair and social transition to a more sustainable society. This is recognized by the European Commission which stated that “National promotional banks play an important role in catalysing long-term finance” in policy areas including climate change.

  • Position on the EC public consultation on the DDR on EU Taxonomy goals 3-6

    Banking supervision, Capital markets, State aid, Sustainable finance 15 May 2023

    The EAPB would like to thank the European Commission for the opportunity to comment on the Draft Del. Regulation on the criteria for EU Taxonomy goals 3-6 and additional Environmental Del. Act amendments and welcomes the fact that the EU Commission has made proposals for adjustments to these central legal acts. At the same time, the EAPB sees a lot of ambiguity regarding both the timeline of applicability for reporting under the EDA and the CDA as well as regarding the format of reporting.

  • AECM, EAPB, ELTI and NEFI Joint Position on the Draft Parliament Report regarding the EU Financial Regulation Recast

    State aid, Sustainable finance 31 March 2023

    At a time when there is a huge EU need to leverage investment capacity in Europe and to crowd in private investment, national promotional banks and institutions (NPBIs) in Europe, represented by AECM, EAPB, ELTI and NEFI, are mobilising and committing themselves in this sense, while paying much attention to the issue of quality of their support to the economy, including through the application of ESG criteria, reporting and other requirements that their positioning in the service of the general interest requires. These entities constitute an important group of EU Commission implementing and intermediating entities for EU funds. As such, they are highly concerned about the proposed changes to the Financial Regulation which are likely to slow down the ability to invest.

  • EAPB position - EMIR 3.0 - Commission proposal on derivatives clearing in Europe

    Capital markets 21 March 2023

    The EAPB supports the European Commission’s initiative to increase the attractiveness and resilience of the EU clearing landscape and, in general, the package of measures set out in the proposals for amending EMIR and related Regulations and Directives.

  • EBIC Letter on coming trialogue negotiations

    Financial crime, Banking supervision 9 February 2023

    The European Banking Industry Committee welcomes the EU co-legislators’ efforts to improve the EU AML/CFT Framework. We believe that in particular the proposal of the European Commission for a new regulation, together with many amendments made by the Council and the EP will greatly improve the clarity and efficiency of the rules.

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