The ICF promotes knowledge of the entrepreneurial start-up ecosystem among young people

31 March 2019

In conjunction with the Institute of Financial Studies (IEF), the ICF has organised a training session for young people to explain the main characteristics of the start-up business model and identify the sectors that are currently most disruptive. This event is part of Global Money Week, an initiative that is taking place around the world with the aim of promoting financial education for young people.

Today the ICF held a session addressed to young people with the aim of promoting knowledge of Catalonia's entrepreneurial ecosystem. Within the framework of Global Money Week, and in conjunction with the IEF, the ICF organised a conference for more than 30 Vocational Training students to address one of today's most interesting economic and financial issues: start-ups.

The event, held at the organisation's headquarters, was opened by the ICF Director of Human Resources, Assís de Riba, who emphasised its commitment to promoting financial education among the young. "We are aware that, in a changing environment, in which new technologies, business models, financial players, etc. are constantly appearing, it is vital for students to be up to date and to deepen their knowledge of these issues in order to make better financial decisions for their future and the viability of their projects," Mr Riba explained.

He recalled that "the ICF has been cooperating with the programme for Financial Education in Catalan Schools (EFEC), promoted by the IEF, for more than 6 years, with the aim of providing basic financial education for fourth-year ESO students".

Emili Gómez, ICF's Director of Venture Capital, then explained the main characteristics of the start-up business model and identified the sectors that have the greatest concentration of emerging innovative businesses.

During the session, participants talked about what a start-up is and what sets it apart from a traditional company, as well as the financing options used by this type of business in the initial stages. He also spoke about successful business projects financed by the ICF, such as Glovo, CornerJob and 21 buttons, among others.

The ICF promotes the financing of newly created companies through its participation in venture capital funds that invest in start-ups and through co-funding with private investors. Since 2012, through this line, the organisation has provided over 15 million euros in financing for more than 100 start-ups.


The ICF is the public financial entity of Catalonia, whose main mission is to promote financing for the business community in Catalonia in order to contribute to growth, innovation and the sustainability of the Catalan economy. The ICF acts as a complement to the private sector by offering a wide range of financing solutions focusing on loans, guarantees and venture capital. Since 2014, it has been a member of the European Associations Public Banks (EAPB), which groups a large proportion of the banks and public financial entities operating in Europe.

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