KommuneKredit issues green bonds

14 November 2019

KommuneKredit has issued green bonds in the amount of EUR 500 million with a term to maturity of 20 years. It is the third time that the credit association issues green bonds. KommuneKredit has approved approx. DKK 20 billion in green loans to sustainable projects in Danish local communities. The bonds are purchased by investors from all over the world.

Responsibility is inherent in KommuneKredit’s business model. For a company like KommuneKredit that offers funding for public promotional tasks it is natural to offer green finance. Most of the lending has a green or social purpose, such as climate and coastal protection, public transportation, energy efficiency renovations of public buildings, housing for the elderly, local sports centres, schools, town halls and utility plants.

KommuneKredit’s ambition is to support the green transition in Danish municipalities and regions. We do this is by offering funding for green investments on a non-profit basis. I believe that KommuneKredit has a significant part to play in the transition to a more sustainable society. If it is politically decided, we can provide the funding,” states CEO Jens Lundager.

* KommuneKredit is an association, whose purpose is to provide lending to municipalities and regions and companies with a 100% municipal guarantee. The association is the municipalities and regions own credit institution and exist solely for our clients.

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