EXIM - Entering foreign markets via ultrasonic assisted curing technique

29 December 2020

„When we decided to develop our company to be able to enter the foreign market, we turned to CIB Bank for funding. They suggested that we should apply for a loan from EXIM. Indeed, no matter how many different financial options we took into account, EXIM’s offer always proved to be the most favourable in the end” – said Péter Kovács, executive director of Funkció Ltd. in a report published in the latest issue of the journal, Hungarian Agriculture.

Funkció Ltd. in Darnózseli has produced meat products since 1995 under the brand name, “Darnó-Hús”. The company, which has been continuously developing for 25 years, is also involved in vocational and higher education due to their growing labour demand. Moreover, the company also proved to be innovative in the field of research and development: in cooperation with the Faculty of Food Science of the Corvinus University of Budapest they developed an ultrasonic assisted curing technique. The procedure, which is astonishing even by its name, combines the quality characteristics of traditional curing and the time advantage of fast curing. The company raised funds required for R&D, product development and purchase of equipment with the help of the EXIM loan, says the report. Today, the company is not only the supplier of its almost five hundred domestic partners but also exports abroad, to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Romania and Slovenia.

For the complete report see: here

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