Kommuninvest’s Green Bonds Programme is approved in external review

16 August 2021

Kommuninvest’s Green Bonds Framework every year undergoes an external review. The aim is to continuously provide assurance on the management of proceeds obtained from the issuance of these bonds. This year’s assurance report, from Kommuninvest’s external auditor KPMG, is now available.

The Green Bonds Framework is aligned with international guidelines, the so-called Green Bond Principles (GBP). There is a recommendation that issuers should use recurring external scrutiny to confirm that the green bonds meet key GBP criteria.

Kommuninvest is Sweden’s largest issuer of Green Bonds. At the beginning of June, the 13th green transaction was carried out. After that transaction, Kommuninvest has a total of around SEK 52 billion outstanding in seven Green Bonds, five of which are in SEK and two in USD.

The Green Bonds proceeds are used to finance lending for green investments in the municipal sector. At the end of June, Kommuninvest had granted Green Loans, totaling approximately SEK 78 billion, for over 470 investment projects in more than 170 municipalities and regions.

Please find attached below the Kommuninvest Green Bonds Assurance Report 2021, including an appendix.

For further information

Björn Bergstrand
Head of Sustainability
Tel: +46 708 86 94 76
E-mail: bjorn.bergstrand@kommuninvest.se

David Ljung
Head of Communications
Tel: +46 73 068 45 45
E-mail: david.ljung@kommuninvest.se


Kommuninvest Green Bonds Assurance Report 2021

Kommuninvest Appendix to GBAR 2021

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