BDB / Business Honoris Causa Award for the Bank's social commitment

05 May 2022

At an official ceremony, the Bulgarian Development Bank was honoured with the Business Honoris Causa Award, a project of 24 Hours, for its support to healthcare facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The bank was among the first recipients of the statuette, a symbol of creative power and peace, which was awarded to 15 Bulgarian companies supporting healthcare, education, local communities, charity and culture.

The national Business Honoris Causa campaign was launched in March 2021 at the height of the pandemic.

On behalf of the BDB, the award was received by Sofia Kasidova, the Bank's Head of Strategic Analysis and Development.

"The BDB is the only incentive bank in the country and we have an important role to play in implementing anti-crisis measures. This is part of our mission," Kasidova said.

The bank is strongly focused on its corporate and social responsibility, which leads it in a number of virtuous causes. Currently, our moral and professional commitment is focused on the fate of the thousands of people leaving their homeland because of the war. The BDB was among the first to allocate funds for the resettlement of refugees from Ukraine, in partnership with the Bulgarian Red Cross.

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