BGK generated PLN 356 billion in support for the Polish economy in 2023

18 April 2024

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego presents its integrated report for 2023. The Polish development bank continued its mission to support the country's sustainable social and economic development. In 2023 BGK generated PLN 356 billion in support for the economy - through its own financing, commissioned activities and mobilized capital – that is PLN 21 billion more than in 2022.

Of this total amount, as much as 86 percent (more than PLN 305 billion) supported the implementation of 12 out of the 17 UN Goals.

BGK's activities respond to current market needs and economic trends through eight business model programmes, in areas such as entrepreneurship development, strategic security, infrastructure, transport and logistics, social and territorial cohesion and healthcare, among others.

Selected 2023 achievements:

  • BGK's loan and guarantee exposure (on-balance and off-balance sheet) at the end of 2023 reached a historic level of PLN 171 billion - PLN 15 billion more than in 2022.
  • More than 92,000 companies benefited from BGK's guarantee support last year. Every fourth zloty of credit for SME entities is covered by a de minimis guarantee from BGK.
  • The total capacity of current and future onshore and offshore RES installations co-financed by the bank in 2023 was 1,256 MW.
  • Thanks to BGK's project financing agreements, annual transport emissions will be reduced by more than 40,000 tons of CO2e.
  • The Polish development bank has begun financing the construction of more than 9,230 new municipal, social and moderate-rent housing units.
  • BGK obtained a second credit rating, allowing it to diversify its financing sources and issue bonds - for the first time ever - in the US and Japanese markets.

The bank continued its activities in the area of sustainable development to create better living conditions for future generations. BGK's overall performance was recognized by the Sustainable Fitch rating agency, which gave it an ESG rating of 2 (on a scale of 1-5, where 1 is the best rating). The bank conducted a number of activities to raise stakeholder awareness in the area of sustainable development. It also developed its offerings in this direction and, among other things, made available financing in which the borrower's margin is linked to its ESG rating.

Economic development would not be possible without social development. Last year, more than 200 social economy entities benefited from BGK's preferential financing. The bank is helping to build modern Polish statehood through the development of social capital in education, culture, sports, ecology and involvement in voluntary service.

Read the integrated report and the consolidated financial statement of BGK Capital Group for 2023.

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