EAPB General Assembly 2024

03 June 2024

The European Association of Public Banks (EAPB) held its General Assembly on May 31 in Barcelona, Spain, with the kind support of its member ICF. Addressing the General Assembly at the welcome, Ms. Vanessa Servera, CEO of ICF, stated:

"We are proud to host the EAPB General Assembly in Barcelona, and we are equally proud to be part of an association that serves as the voice of the European public banking sector and fosters ongoing cooperation among financial institutions to promote social and sustainable growth."

During the General Assembly, Ms. Lidwin Van Velden, CEO of NWB Bank (Netherlands), was re-elected as EAPB President.

Ms. Gabriela Pantring, Deputy Chairwoman of the Managing Board at NRW.BANK (Germany), and Ms. Mari Tyster, Executive Vice President at MuniFin (Finland), have been re-elected as EAPB Vice Presidents.

Ms. Iris Bethge-Krauß, Executive Managing Director at VÖB (Germany), and Mr. Hrvoje Čuvalo, MSc, President of the Management Board at HBOR (Croatia), have been re-elected to the EAPB Board.

Dr. Stephan Brandt, Member of the Managing Board at IBB (Germany), Mr. Iliya Karanikolov, Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Director at BDB (Bulgaria), Mr. Yves Millardet, Chairman of the Executive Board at AFL (France), and Vanessa Servera, CEO of ICF (Spain), have been elected as new Board Members of the EAPB.

EAPB extends its gratitude to departing Board Members: Mr. Philippe Mills, CEO of SFIL (France), Ms. Angeliki Krisilion, Member of the IBB Board (Germany), Mr. Paweł Nierada, former First Vice President of the Management Board of BGK (Poland), and Mr. Michele Giuseppe Vietti, President of A.N.FI.R. (Italy), for their unwavering support and dedication.

Addressing the General Assembly following her re-election as EAPB President, Ms. Lidwin Van Velden stated:

"The composition of the new EAPB board reflects the diverse strengths of our members and our shared commitment to collaborate and deliver innovative solutions that actively contribute to the well-being and advancement of European citizens. In times of change, we ensure resilience and transformation, offering essential financial solutions that uphold the quality of life for Europeans and enhance Europe's geopolitical positioning."

Pictures of EAPB’s General Assembly are accessible here.

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