Annual Report of SID Bank 2023

04 June 2024

SID Bank's annual report illustrates our commitment to the vision of a green future. We believe that through strategic, targeted and sustainable capital management, we contribute our share to the development and progress of society in a greener and more responsible way.

As one of the first initiators of the circular economy concept in Slovenia, we are today one of the bearers of green changes, as we promote the sustainable development and competitiveness of the Slovenian economy through thoughtful investments in research, development and innovation, as well as infrastructure.

We are proud to present our annual report for the year 2023, which we designed in cooperation with the AV studio agency. The modern, green-colored and elegant design enriches the content, which testifies to our commitment to building a green and high-quality future. The future that we co-shape with you, employees, partners, customers and other key stakeholders.

You are invited to read the annual report, which you can read by clicking on the document below:

Annual Reports of SID Bank 2023

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