On November 28, Mr. ZHANG Ming gave his first speech as China's new ambassador to the EU, on Chinese investment in the EU at EAPB’s annual reception.

In his speech, delivered to an audience of up to 150 participants, the ambassador discussed the importance of cooperation between two of the biggest economies and leading traders in the world.

In his opening remarks Mr. Philippe Mills, Chief Executive Officer of SFIL and EAPB President welcomed the ambassador and the opportunity to exchange on EU-China relations, joint investment priorities and improved cooperation. He stressed that there were some disagreements for example on access to markets, the respect of different corporate cultures and values but that in order to overcome these differences it was important to engage actively with one another.

Mr. ZHANG Ming showcased the results of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the strategic plans for China’s development in the coming 30 years and beyond. Furthermore, he explained China’s basic state policy of opening-up further relations with the European Union to work together for growth in trade. In an exchange with Mr. Mills, the ambassador also conveyed his views on global regulatory reforms, the sustainability of Chinese growth as well as the new 16+1 initiative with Members States from Central and Eastern Europe.

China is the EU's biggest source of imports and its second-biggest export market. China and Europe trade on average over €1 billion a day. The EU has also become a priority target of Chinese investment with a surge in annual investment from €6,1 billion in 2010 to €35 billion in 2016. Furthermore, the Belt and Road Initiative aims at building a network of transport, energy and communication infrastructure that stretches from China to the EU.

Mr. ZHANG Ming speech is available here: http://www.chinamission.be/eng/mh/t1515214.htm

Feel free to access pictures of the reception here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmaEG7Gn

We want to thank all the participants for making EAPB’s annual reception a truly memorable event.


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